We specialize in the genealogy of French-Canadians (primarily from Western Canada and Québec) and the Métis of Western Canada (from west of Thunderbay, Ontario, to British Columbia). We do not have access to foreign records and we do not have the resources to conduct research on ancestors originating in the Maritimes and from outside of Canada.

A genealogy and a family history are not the same thing. We do not do family histories due to their time-consuming nature and our limited amount of staff. If you are looking to have your genealogy fleshed out with anectdotes, photos, life stories, newspaper clippings and other such documents, you are in effect wanting a family history. As this is not a service we offer, we encourage you to do this type of research yourself.


We offer five kinds of genealogy packages:

  • Proof of Métis ancestry (6 to 8 generations down a single line – please indicate the line you think may be Métis, so we can concentrate our efforts)
  • Ten-generation family tree book
  • Twelve-generation family tree book
  • Fifteen-generation family book
  • Hourly fee (custom search): This usually involves searching for specific details such as more information on one particular ancestor. Contact us directly for more information on this. These types of requests are accepted depending on the availability of staff and volunteers to answer such queries.

*** For all genealogical orders, you must also submit the pre-requisite information and documents as listed on the Proof of Métis Ancestry page. Please read that page thoroughly BEFORE submitting your Request Form.

If you require an official Proof of Métis Ancestry for a citizenship application with the Manitoba Metis Federation (MMF), you will need to have one done through our genealogy department. The MMF normally does not accept genealogical research not verified by a certified genealogist. Please contact the citizenship department of the MMF for more information.


If you wish to do your own research, the Centre du patrimoine has a wealth of genealogical ressources in its archival collections and reference library.

The Centre du patrimoine has dedicated the Lionel-Dorge Room to research. This spacious, well-lit area with big tables offers a comfortable setting in which researchers can do their work. The Centre also offers a free WiFi connection (just ask for the password) and there are electrical outlets for your laptop computer at every table.

The Lionel-Dorge Room is equipped with a microfiche reader, microfilm readers, a microfilm digitizer, and computers with our own databases and access to the Internet, all for the use of researchers.


To request in-depth research on ancestors in Quebec, contact the Société de généalogie de Québec.