Proof of Métis Ancestry

After having read the following information, the online REQUEST FORM can be submitted. Please note that our office will only receive your request if it has been successfully submitted and paid for.

Please note: We specialize in the genealogy of French-Canadians (primarily from Western Canada and Québec) and the Métis of Western Canada (from west of Thunderbay, Ontario, to British Columbia). We do not have access to foreign records and we do not have the resources to conduct research on ancestors originating in the Maritimes and from outside of Canada.

For all packages, you must also provide the following:
  1. A copy of an official document connecting you, the applicant, to your parents (e.g. birth certificate with name of parents or baptism certificate with name of parents)*;
  2. A copy of a valid government-issued photo I.D. (e.g., driver’s licence, passport, or service identification card);
  3. Full names (including maiden names for women), full dates & places of birth and death (if applicable) for yourself (the applicant), your parents and your grand-parents (FAMILY TREE FORM)**;
  4. Full names and any additional information you may have about your great grand-parents (e.g. dates & places of birth/death, obituaries, etc.)**; and
  5. In addition to these base requirements, you may be contacted to provide further documentation in order to confirm genealogical links within your lineage.

Birth certificates with parents’ names (also known as long-form birth certificates) can be ordered from the Vital Statistics office in the province where you were born. Refer to this list in the Statistics Canada Website in order to find their contact information. Alternatively, baptismal certificates can be ordered through the parish in which you were baptized.

** The FAMILY TREE FORM will help you organize the information requested in 3. and 4. If you are applying for a Proof of Métis Ancestry, please indicate on your family tree the possible Métis line(s).

Family Group Page (Free with order of a Proof of Métis ancestry or Genealogy book) -- If you would like to include your children in your genealogy, please let us know and provide the following:

  • A copy of their birth or baptismal certificate with parents' names on it or other official document identifying you/the applicant as their parents.

Submission of these documents can be made either by mail or e-mail. They cannot be attached to the online REQUEST FORM and have to be sent in separately.

Mail: Centre du patrimoine, 340 Provencher Boulevard, Winnipeg, MB  R2H 0G7

E-mail: shsb@shsb.mb.ca


Proof of Métis Ancestry—What Is It?

What the Centre du patrimoine provides is proof that the applicant has an ancestor that has been identified as Métis through official documentation such as census records (1870, 1901, 1911), scrip or land grant documents (including the affidavit or the index, etc.), or other official documents such as church records (parish registers or other).

What Proof of Métis Ancestry Does Not Do

We do not have the power to bestow membership or admittance to any aboriginal or other ethnic group or organization other than to our own Société historique de Saint-Boniface. This also includes, but is not limited to, clubs, teams, bands, schools, etc. Therefore, it is not up to us to determine whether an applicant is Métis or not. What we do is establish whether the applicant has at least one ancestor who has been officially recognized as being Métis through an official document, which when present will be included in whichever package you decide to order. If you are seeking to be recognized as a member of the First Nations or as a member of a Metis Nation, we are able to provide you with information on which to build your case.

In the end, it is only the institution in question that is authorized to recognize an applicant and give or deny consent to their membership.

We do try to be very clear on this point since we are neither the Department of Indian Affairs, nor an organization recognized by the First Nations, nor any other type of aboriginal government or organization, and of course we are not a court to which appeals can be made.

What we do with applications for genealogical information is provide, to the extent possible and given the sources and documentation at hand, the best outcome or response to the request.

As for obtaining recognition from a Metis Nation, you can apply to provincial organizations or institutions. Admission requirements may vary from one to the other. National organizations may not allow for individual memberships if they are made up solely of other organizations.



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