Family Tree Books

We also carry out genealogy research to produce a book of ancestors going back several generations. The cost of this service varies depending on the number of generations ordered. We specialize in Franco-Canadian and Métis family genealogies using a variety of resources available to us. In most instances, lines that have Québec ancestry can be followed to the 17th century. Only in very rare instances can the research on a line go beyond ancestors who lived in Canada. Depending on what we find, a book can range anywhere from some 20 pages all the way to over 800 pages. There is an extra fee of 5 cents per page beyond 325 pages.

These books include both the paternal and maternal lines of the applicant, represented in two different ways: the list of ancestors and the family tree. The list of ancestors, also known by the German term ahnentafel, gives the list of a person’s ancestors by generation. The family tree provides the same information but in the more familiar chart form.

The books also contain an index of your ancestors.

Before applying for a family tree book, refer to the Proof of Métis Ancestry page which will give you the information we require from you in order to start the research.



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