The railways of Winnipeg

East Yard at The Forks in 1970 - University of Manitoba Archives PC-18-1364-011East Yard at The Forks in 1970 - University of Manitoba Archives and Special Collections, Winnipeg Tribune fonds, PC-18-1364-011

Fred Headon has just published a second volume, The Railways of Winnipeg "...through the demise of steam". In this abundantly illustrated volume, we discover an important period of railroad building and use. In his dedication, Fred Headon writes: "This volume is intended to comment on some Winnipeg area steam-powered railway operations from World War I to the demise of regular steam locomotive use."

Ste. Anne, 6057 eastbound - George Harris per Lawrence Stuckey collectionIn the introduction, we read: "Virtually all western Canadian railway frogs, switches, bridge components, fabricated sheet metal, iron and steel, mining machinery, foundation stone and cement originated from Winnipeg though the 1920s. Contractors considered a railway construction and earth moving equipement production plant, speculating on at least fifteen more years of prairie boom. With over 600 country grain elevators under construction that decade, Winnipeg provided a majority of the contractors and machinery. Sluggish responses by eastern firms fostered local flour and cereal milling, meat-packing, paint, lumber, brick, needle trade and tractor assembly facilities. Residents believed exponential growth was fovever sustainable; reality was otherwise."

St. Boniface Yard, c. 1921 - City of Winnipeg Archives, Foote 7779-4St. Boniface Yard, c. 1921 - City of Winnipeg Archives, Foote 7779-4

In this 56 page publication, various subjects are presented: the war efforts, the grain industry, telegraph and express delivery companies, many different rail subdivisions and lines, industrial steam, railway shops, union stockyards, freight and passenger transport, weed spraying, snow plowing, quarries and beach trains. We find images refering to many Manitoba towns related to railroads such as Transcona, Stonewall, Gimli, Lac du Bonnet, Beausejour, Pointe-du-bois, St. Boniface, Ste. Anne, Morris, Deloraine, Halboro and others.


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