Louis Riel and the Sioux

Letter from Louis Riel to Lieutenant-Colonel Black, March 1880Louis Riel was quite interested in the Sioux question while he lived in Montana. In The Western Métis, edited by Patrick C. Douaud, we find out in David G. McCrady's article, Louis Riel and Sitting Bull's Sioux: Three Lost Letters (2007), p. 203 à 307, that three Louis Riel letters to Lieutenant-Colonel Henry Moore Black give insights to a better understanding of Riel's role in the issue of the negociations being entertained between the Sioux and the American Gouvernment.

The letters are dated March 1880 and are not found in The Collected Writings of Louis Riel published by George F. G. Stanley, 1985. While doing research on the Sioux, David McCrady came upon these three letters preserved in the archives of the United States Army's Adjutant General's Office at the U. S. National Archives in Washington, D.C. (RG94 - Letters Received by the Office of the Adjutant General (Main Series) File 4163 AGO 1876, "Sioux War Papers" Microcopy M666, roll 287).

Living near Milk River on the Fort Belknap Reserve, in Montana, Louis Riel was actively interested in the well-being of the MontanaMap of the Milk River, Montana, region. Métis. In the course of his work to further the cause of the Métis, Riel met Black at Fort Assiniboine to talk to him about the Sioux. Black then asked him to write down his information and thoughts. 

David McCrady has donated a copy of his article and copies of Louis Riel's letters and they are now available for your perusal at the Centre du patrimoine.


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