Municipal Records

List of Electors in 1921, Rural Municipality of Ste. Anne - 0570/1640/2

A sound municipal administration bases all decisions on good background information. Thorough record keeping is an essential part of this process. Councillors and committees cannot function in a vacuum and need to have reliable and quick access to previous deliberations, reports and various other administrative records. Archival documents can help answer questions regarding ownership, planning, community programs and municipal works and services. Developing a better awareness of the municipality’s identity or planning activities to celebrate an anniversary? Meeting minutes from La Broquerie Rural Municipality's register - 0570/246A visit to the archives will be warranted. A citizen wants information on his/her property rights or other property-related issues? The archives, once again, provides valuable information.

With this in mind, the Société historique de Saint-Boniface and the Association for Manitoba Archives (AMA) attended a trade show which was held in conjunction with the Association of Manitoba Municipalities (AMM)’s Municipal Officials Seminar. The kiosk offered information about records management and archives, and in particular, on the services available to municipalities. The recent or imminent fusion of certain municipalities makes this awareness more urgent. Also featured were the Archives of Manitoba’s services for municipalities.

Julie Reid and Kathy Kushpel giving out information during the AMM's trade show


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