Movable Shelving Project 2018

Thank you to Austin Stasiuk, Prince Ntirwimura, Kole Van Engel, Jonatan Cacal, Brendan Morrissey and Douglas Mock
from Brunswick Filing Systems!

December 7th :

The work continues...

and by the end of the day.

December 6th :

Details and overview.


December 5th :

The assembly of new carriages and the installation of the shelving continues.


December 4th

The partial disassembly of the old shelving is done and the first carriages are installed.


December 3rd :

The pieces of shelving arrive in 2 trucks and are piled up in the loading dock and the Salon Empire of the Centre du patrimoine.

November 30th :

The project to add movable shelving units in the vault
on the second floor of the Centre du patrimoine
has officially started!

We would like to thank all the donors who have helped us attain our fundraising goal:

  • the sponsors and donors who contributed to the May 15th 2018 diner celebrating the 20th anniversary of the Centre du patrimoine and to the fundraising campaign;
  • the Province of Manitoba;
  • the Thomas Sill Foundation; and
  • the Winnipeg Foundation.

Without you, this project would not have been possible. THANK YOU!!

In preparation for the arrival of the movable shelving, we have now emptied the north section of the vault on the second floor. Almost 2,000 boxes were taken out. This is what the space looks like now:

Section nord de la voûte au 2e - photo prise par Julie Reid le 28 nov. 2018

The boxes were temporarily moved to the spaces surrounding the 2 vaults and in the hallways. The installation of the movable units will start on Monday December 3rd, 2018.

Espace autour de la voûte au 2e - photo par Julie Reid, 28 nov. 2018Corridor au 3e étage - photo par Julie Reid, 27 nov. 2018














We would like to thank Dechlyn McKay, Jordin Beaudry and Anthony Dao who, in 2 days, helped us move close to 0,6 km (around 30 tons) of boxes full of archival documents and books.

Dechlyn McKay, Jordin Beaudry et Anthony Dao - photo par Gilles Lesage, 27 nov. 2018


The shelving before the start of the project:

Section nord de la voûte au 2e - photo prise par Lorne Coulson en 2011


Centre du patrimoine, 340, boulevard Provencher, Saint-Boniface, (Manitoba) R2H 0G7 - T(204) 233-4888 ©2010 - Société historique de Saint-Boniface
Here is the photo of the Centre du patrimoine on Google Maps