La Vérendrye Coin

Pierre Gaultier de La Vérendrye is now better known because of a coin, not because one was found in an archaeological dig, but because a new one was minted at the Royal Canadian Mint.

This pure gold coin is part of the Great Canadian Explorers Series and has a face value of 200 dollars. One thousand coins were minted in 2016 and it is available for $1,199.95.

The Compagnie de La Vérendrye and the Manitoba Museum collaborated with the Royal Canadian Mint’s artist to ensure that the sketch produced for the coin would be as authentic as possible.

We find the following description on the Royal Canadian Mint’s Website: “Designed by Canadian artist Glen Green, your coin features a full-length portrait of the famous French-Canadian explorer and fur trader, Pierre Gaultier De Varennes et De La Vérendrye.

La Vérendrye by Pauline Boutal; 0487-A007

The explorer is depicted in a campaign uniform, complete with a trimmed tricorn hat made of beaver fur, a sword beneath his capote and a military officer's distinctive gorget at his neck. Moving along the rocky shores of Lakes of the Woods with a compass in hand, La Vérendrye uses the butt of his musket to steady an occasional step while his attention remains fixed on the horizon, in search of the fabled "great western sea." Just a few steps to his left, a First Nations guide—one of the many whose advice and assistance was essential to the expedition—holds a hunting bow as he advises La Vérendrye, while a member of this expedition stands next to a canoe on the shore. In the background looms the outline of Fort St. Charles; built by the expedition in 1732, this key trading post is made visible by its palisades, with two of its four bastions standing out among the surrounding forest.”


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