First World War and Manitoba

The Archives of Manitoba have just launched a new searchable index of Manitoba World War 1 casualties.
In their press release they write: «The index was created from index cards that make up  a series entitled "Index cards identifying soldiers killed in World War I". These cards, created by the Government of Manitoba just after World War 1 (we believe to populate the Cenotaph on Memorial Boulevard just to the west of the Manitoba Archives building), identify a Manitoban soldier killed in the First World War. Some of the entries have a fair bit of detail, and others are quite limited. We have titled the index "partial" because we know that not all Manitoba casualties were recorded in it - for instance, Manitoban George Battershill was fatally wounded at Vimy (we have his letters) and there is no card for him.
There are 1092 soldiers represented in the index - unfortunately we don't know how many are missing. Still, we think this will be of great value to research into Manitoba WWI casualties.
The index is fully keyword searchable and researchers can narrow down by community or other keywords, in addition to names.

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This is a welcomed addition to the Government of Manitoba publication on the World War II casualties, A Place of Honour Manitoba's War Dead Commemorated in its Geography, 2002. This book documents more than 4000 war casualties of the Second World War. The Province of Manitoba has recognised their sacrifice by naming lakes, islands, bays and other geographical features after them. 


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