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A significant number of Étienne Gaboury documents are available on line. Throughout his long career, Gaboury designed and worked on churches, schools,Berney Residence, SHSB 34930 federal, provincial and municipal government buildings, private residences, senior homes, apartments, health clinics, convents, universities, monuments, stained glass installations, businesses, administrative offices, friendship centres, community centres, embassies, historical sites, banks, libraries, parks, performance centres, hotels, restaurants and interpretive centres.

Chez Nous Home, Saint-Boniface, SHSB 34843In the past ten years, requests to access Étienne Gaboury records have been increasing including requests from University of Manitoba students, owners of Gaboury buildings, developers interested in purchasing Gaboury buildings, researchers such as Faye Hellner, author of the Gaboury book illustrated with Henry Kalen photographs and media outlets such as The Winnipeg Free Press which, in a Winnipeg architecture article, features Étienne Gaboury and his influence in the evolution of Winnipeg architecture.

The increased interest in Étienne Gaboury's architecture over the years is noted in the Winnipeg Architecture Web Site : "ÉtienneNelson House School, Manitoba, SHSB 58942 Gaboury has been described as the ‘father of landmarks’, ‘Mr. Church’, ‘an architect as an artist’ and ‘Manitoba’s greatest architect’. Indeed – perhaps more than any other architect in the province – Gaboury has gained enormous attention as someone whose work consciously attempts to communicate the intricacies of regional character and who has shaped the way Manitobans view themselves."
Circular stained glass window, St. Peter and Paul Church, St. Peter's Abbey, Muenster, Saskatchewan, SHSB 59006It is also said that Étienne Gaboury is the architect who is responsible for the transition from modernism to contemporary architecture in Manitoba  (see Brent Bellamy in ÉTIENNE GABOURY: MANITOBA "SHINING LIGHT" OF ARCHITECTURE - Winnipeg Free Press).
We thank Library and Archives Canada for their generous financial support. It made it possible for us to complete this new phase in processing the Étienne Gaboury fonds by digitizing a selected number of documents. It has given us the opportunity to highlight, in part, this architect's successful career. The project was completed on the 31st of March 2016. The Library and Archives Canada support was made possible thanks to The Documentary Heritage Communities Programme
Royal Canadian Mint / Monnaie royale canadienne, Winnipeg, SHSB 34846


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