Métis Lands and the recent ruling of the Supreme Court

Mgr Noël-Joseph Ritchot - SHSB 20031

A good historical overview of the background to the negotiations leading to the creation of the province of Manitoba was recently published in the March 12th 2013 issue of the Winnipeg Free Press. In this article, Dr. Philippe Mailhot presents the behind the scenes negotiations and the central role played by Father Noël-Joseph Ritchot :

"The recent Supreme Court decision relating to Métis land claims is a reaffirmation that history indeed matters. In that spirit, a few points of clarification are required to understand the roots of the issues dealt with by the court.
Louis Riel was indeed the leader of the Red River Resistance and president of the provisional government. He did not, however, lead the negotiations that took place in Ottawa during the spring of 1870. That task fell to Noel Joseph Ritchot, parish priest of St. Norbert and Riel's closest adviser from the beginnings of the resistance."
Follow the link to the Riel was the leader, but Ritchot the negotiator article.


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