Part of the mission of the Centre du patrimoine is to document the French presence in Western Canada. Over the years it has built up collections that raise awareness of Western Canada’s Métis and francophones, as well as of their contributions to the development of this part of the country, with a special focus on Manitoba.

Archives Department

For over 100 years the Société historique has had a special interest in the social, cultural, political, economic, legal and religious evolution of Manitoba’s French-speaking population. It has been collecting the textual documents, maps, photographs, books, newspapers, recordings, films and digital documents that make up its archives. It processes the archives, making them easier to access and ensuring their preservation. Online access to a number of archival fonds descriptions and digitized documents is available on this site.

Library Department

In addition to our library of almost 11,000 reference works and rare books, the SHSB has also acquired periodicals and newspapers, including La Liberté, Le Manitoba and Le Métis.

The Library also holds a major collection of resources for genealogical research.


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