Le terme Exoveedate

From Latin Word Ex Ovile. Flock
From two latin words. Ex which means from, and Ovile flock.

That word I made use of to convey that I was assuming no authority at all. And the advisers of the movement took also that title instead of councillors or representatives: and their purpose in doing so was exactly the same as mine: no assumption of authority. We considered our selves a part of society, and near us, an other part of the same society attempted to rule over us improperly, and by false representations and though bad management of public affairs were injuring us greatly. At the same time, they were obtaining the hear of the government: they were turning all the press against us. The situation was leading us simply to annihilation. Without assuming any other authority than that which exists by itself in the condition of our nature, we recurred to the right of self preservation and those who agreed to act together in the protection of their existence threatened in many different ways, took the name of exoveeds. So that having their distinctive titles for the time being, and be known as the men of the movement, when the crisis would be over, the reaction would be as slight as possible: for the reason that what would have been undertaken and accomplished under the sound authority of good sense, could have no other results than good ones, and consequently the movement prove to be less a disturbance than a remedy to some things which were previously going to far in the wrong. Several times, it is true we made use of the words, representatives, members of the council, but we had to do it, until the word exoveed was understood and until it would begin to become usual amongst even the men of the movement.
So the council itself is not a council, but being composed of exoveeds, we have called it the Exoveedate.

Exoveeds of Company not Capt
all told not 500 men. 340 ½ Breeds rest Indians
I have a mission. So has every body.
For me, I understand my mission in this way: to bring about practical results.

General plan of defense mine. Special credit due to G. Dumont.—
My reserves I placed as to be available to re-inforce any one Road attacked or if need be an attack on 2 Roads at one. G Dumont thought our Right the Key.
The Artillery Fire kept our men from advancing if not for that fire they would have gone at your line and stopped it.
154 at Fish Creek our loss 4 ½-Breeds 3 Indians

Queen’s University Archives, documents de G.H. Young, déclaration dans un carnet de notes, [Batoche, 15-16 mai 1885].


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