Lettre de Louis Riel au sujet de Gros Ours (anglais)

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(Commençant au deuxième paragraphe) « The crees have a very good chief it is the Big Bear. He is a man of good sense. Whenever the young men of his camp bring any horses branded and showing signs that they are stolen from white people, he invariably will go to a responsible man: put the stolen property into his hands asking him to advertize and find the owners if possible, and his first soldiers are helping him as much as they can at that pursuit. Big Bear has not yet made any treaty with the Canadian Government. He thinks that the indians of the whole northwest are too badly treated. And his expectation has been up to this day that perhaps he could become an american indian with his camp. »

La lettre complète « Montana »

« Montana » novembre/décembre 1881. Fonds 0003, PAM MG3 D1, 566. Centre du Patrimoine, Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada.


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