Serial publications

Over the years the Société historique de Saint-Boniface has acquired many serials including journals, newspapers and association newsletters. In most cases these series form part of an archival, in other cases they are part of the library collections.  

In the archives

Many archival fonds contain the publications which were produced by the creator of the archives as in the case of newsletters publiched by an association. As an example, the Écho de Notre-Dame fonds includes all the issues that community organisation published on a regular basis to inform the local population. The same may be said of La Liberté fonds, the Saint-Anne-des-Chênes and many others.    

In the library

The Société historique de Saint-Boniface has been or si subscribed to a certian number of serials which are added to the library. Such is the case for the Revue d’histoire de l’Amérique française and the Cloches de Saint-Boniface. Other serials were acquired as a result of a donation of records which also included a serial collection which was added to the libray, as for example the serial Missions des Oblats de Marie-Immaculée.


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