Louis Riel - The Birth of Manitoba

On March 24, the three delegates left for Ottawa to negotiate the terms of entry into Confederation with the representatives of the Canadian government. Father Ritchot became the real spokesman for the delegation, as Judge Black and Alfred Scott showed themselves to be relatively ineffective. With relentless questioning and arguing, he was able to convince the government to introduce the Manitoba Bill into the House of Commons.

On May 12, 1870, the Manitoba Act, based on the Métis "List of Rights," was passed by the Canadian Parliament. One section protected Métis' lands and guaranteed the right to their religion and to the use of their language in the Legislature and the courts.

Riel, as head of the Provisional Government, was to maintain peace and order while awaiting the arrival of the first lieutenant governor, Adams G. Archibald, and Colonel Wolseley's troops, which were accompanying him.


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