Planned Giving

Why planned giving?

Since 1902, the SHSB has been acquiring, preserving and promoting the heritage of Manitoba’s francophonie and Métis people. The opening of the Centre du patrimoine in 1998 greatly accelerated the acquisition of archives collections and especially the processing and promotion of these archives. Researchers, both professionals and amateurs,  now have greater access to these collections!
A planned gift to the SHSB is a very effective way to support the acquisition of new collections at the Centre du patrimoine and to ensure increased access to those precious collections.

What kind of impact will your planned gift have? 

At the Centre du patrimoine, your planned gift could support:
• The acquisition of new collections, in particular collections at risk of being lost forever (towns, families, individuals, dissolved organizations, etc.)
• The acceleration of the processing of archives collections, especially of major collections
• The digitization of documents and the online publication of archives collections
• The restoration of old films and digitization of audiovisual archives
• The preparation of exhibits featuring events, organizations and notable personalities of our history 
• Researchers, both professionals and amateurs, in search of secrets buried in our archives
• The development of teaching resources
• Genealogical resources
• The repair or purchase of equipment
• Improvements to the vaults, for example the installation of new humidifying equipment. 
A planned gift can also help grow the Centre du patrimoine Endowment Fund held by Francofonds or its Religious Archives Sub Fund, an annual source of revenue that helps the Centre du patrimoine absorb increases in its operational costs due to inflation and execute short term projects involving the processing of archives or the preparation of exhibits. 

What options are available for planned gifts?

Many options are available to make a planned gift during your lifetime or as a bequest through your will: cash donations, donations of publicly listed securities, gifts in kind, bequests in a will, and beneficiary designations under life insurance policies and registered plans, etc. Your accountant, financial or legal advisor can help you choose the option which best fits your personal circumstances and those of your loved ones. 
Most often, planned gifts are bequests left in a will, because the donor has the use of his or her financial resources during his or her lifetime and can also make a considerable donation to the SHSB that will have a substantial impact of its capacity to pursue its mission and to adapt to changes in the storage and dissemination of archives collections. 

How can a planned gift be advantageous?

A planned gift can help ensure that income taxes are minimized during one’s lifetime or at the time of one’s death. For example, if you give publicly listed securities to a recognized charity, you will receive a tax receipt for the full market value of the securities you donate, as well as an exemption on the capital gains realized on the disposition of those securities. Once again, professional financial or legal advice can help you choose the option that is the most beneficial for you. 

How can a bequest be included in a will?

Having a will drawn up is an important step to take and including a donation clause written up in proper form is just as important. In order to ensure that the will of the testator is clearly expressed and that the beneficiary organization fully executes that will, a clause stating that a charity is a beneficiary must be very carefully worded.
The following two wordings to include a bequest of unrestricted use in a will are presented as examples, but do not replace a lawyer’s advice: 
• With a specific amount
I give and bequeath to the Société historique de Saint-Boniface (Charitable Registration No. 10759 9748 RR0001) the sum of $_____ to be used for its general purposes as the Société historique de Saint-Boniface sees fit.
• With a percentage
I give and bequeath to the Société historique de Saint-Boniface (Charitable Registration No. 10759 9748 RR0001) _____% of the residue of my estate to be used for its general purposes as the Société historique de Saint-Boniface sees fit.
If you have the intention of making a planned gift to the SHSB, we invite you to talk to us about it because we… 
• Would like to share information with you on the SHSB’s and the Centre du patrimoine’s priorities 
• Want to fully understand your wishes to ensure that we can comply with them
• Wish to thank you while you are living if you choose to make a bequest and to offer you the possibility of being recognized publicly or to remain anonymous as a donor.


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