Planned giving

If preserving francophone and Métis heritage is dear to your heart, consider leaving a legacy of support by making a planned gift to the Société historique de Saint-Boniface and include the Centre du patrimoine in your will to ensure the preservation and promotion of archives to furture generations.  Planned gifts allow you to combine your charitable giving goals with your estate and financial planning goals. Your gift will provide lasting benefits through the Centre du patrimoine programming and will help to preserve, in particular, the archives of your extended family and your community making them available to your descendants.

Opportunities include gifts from a will bequest, living trust, charitable gift annuity, charitable life income trust, retirement plan, life insurance and real estate. 

Having a will drawn up is an important step to take and including a donation clause written up in due form is just as important. In order to ensure that the will of the testator is clearly expressed and to be sure that the beneficiary organisation fully executes that will, a clause must be very carefully worded stating that a charitable organisation such as Francofonds - Fonds Centre du patrimoine is the beneficiary. This should preferably be done by a lawyer or notary.  

If you are interested in planned giving, contact us or contact Francofonds.

To donate, go to Francofonds or donate directly to the Fonds Centre du patrimoine by giving to the SHSB.  


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