1870 | Manitoba

As the 150th anniversary marking the ratification of 1870’s Manitoba Act, June 24, 2020 is a significant date. The Legislative Assembly of Assiniboia, acting as provisional government, had been established to negotiate the conditions for entry of the Red-River Colony into Canadian Confederation, and its ratification of the Act was a noteworthy step in this process. This law, which came into effect on July 15, 1870, made Manitoba the fifth province to join Canada.

The Société historique de Saint-Boniface (SHSB) would like to commemorate this important anniversary by highlighting certain important persons and events marking this period in our history. Beginning with the rumours of the Hudson’s Bay Company’s sale of Rupert’s Land, within which the Red-River Colony was located, to the Manitoba Act’s ratification in 1870, this exhibit tells the story of the province’s creation by presenting invaluable primary source documents found in the Centre du patrimoine’s archival holdings. Most of these documents can also be accessed online through our database.

Exhibition Panels:

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The virtual launch, taking place on June 24th to highlight this often forgotten date, will be followed by a physical launch on the walls of the Salon Empire in the Centre du patrimoine. In the Fall of 2020, a travelling exhibit will circulate throughout the schools of the Franco-Manitoban School Division.

The SHSB would like to thank Canadian Heritage, Manitoba Sports, Culture and Heritage, and Caisse Groupe Financier for their financial support.

We would also like to thank the Franco-Manitoban School Division for their contribution to the educational part of the exhibit, their creation of an educational guide and their undertaking of the travel arrangements required for its circulation in their schools.


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