St. Boniface Registered Nurses’ Alumni Association

The St. Boniface Registered Nurses’ Alumni Association is open to all graduates of the St. Boniface School of Nursing and Associates (RNs that are not graduates of the St. Boniface School of Nursing).

The purpose of our alumni association has evolved over the years to keep pace with the needs of alumni members and changes in technology but continues to meet the objectives as outlined in our Constitution: to promote a sense of spirit of unity, professional growth, and an interest in our history.

The Alumni Association provides opportunity to reconnect with friends and fellow graduates. It also serves to recognize the excellent education graduates received making it possible to provide holistic, compassionate care, a reflection of the Grey Nuns influence.

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School of Nursing Historical Highlights:

• 1897 School of Nursing is established
• 1899 First Graduation Class (3 out of 5 students graduated)
• 1905 St. Boniface Registered Nurses’ Alumni is created
• 1914 Program becomes a 3-year program
• 1927 Construction of the School of Nursing building
• 1931-1934 Students sent to the St. Boniface Sanatorium in Ninette, Manitoba, a hospital for patients with tuberculosis
• 1954 Extension to the School of Nursing is built
• 1966 Married persons and male candidates now accepted, students no longer need to live in residence
• 1970 Program becomes a two-year program
• 1995 Diploma School of Nursing closed. A total of 5,176 students graduated from the school
• 1995-1997 Graduates are Bachelors of Nursing
• 1997 Closing of the school 

To view the graduations photographs, go to the database Website.


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